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Do more of what makes you smile, enjoy every moment spent with loved ones, discover new adventures and hobbies to feed your soul... Happiness is everywhere and is highly contagious, spread some around!

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The confidence found in a smile opens doors. Attracting the life you deserve is all about you feeling comfortable with what you want! Experience your Smile Makeover before you take your new smile home!

#TestDriveYourSmile at Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon! 

At Distinctive Dentistry of Bend, Oregon, we offer all of our clients the same level of dedication, understanding, and expertise, regardless of what your dental needs are. A Smile Makeover can mean many different things to many different people. It can be as simple as one procedure for some! It is all about getting your smile looking exactly like YOU want it to.

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Sometimes all it takes is recontouring the gum line, properly proportioning gum tissue for a healthier stronger smile that you will want to wear with pride! Using cutting edge laser dentistry procedures, we can reshape your gums, providing an instant smile makeover in only one dental care visit!

Our goal is to provide every patient with personalized dental care, including laser dentistry, that results in well rounded health and exquisite beauty in Bend.

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We are proud to have an experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate dental staff to meet your needs at Distinctive Dentistry of Bend. Not only do we listen to your unique dental concerns, we respond to your individual needs with the best dental options available for a beautiful smile makeover. Find out how you can #TestDriveYourSmile at!
"Attract The Lifestyle You Deserve!"

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When we are filled with joy and satisfaction, it rubs off on all those who surround us! Share your smile with the world again, enjoy laughing without shame or worry, conquer the world with kindness!

Check it out, by Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon will even let you #TestDriveYourSmile & start your journey to Attract The Lifestyle You Deserve!

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Smiling is the most recognizable facial expression in any country! With the help of by Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon, you'll want to take your fabulous new smile around the world and back! Take the next step, Attract The Lifestyle You Deserve!

Call us to #TestDriveYourSmile before taking it home!

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Smiling is one of the easiest proven ways for you to improve your mood AND your health! Take a moment to remind yourself that happiness is contagious and in constant supply if you know where to look! Find out how you can #TestDriveYourSmile and gain the confidence to Attract The Lifestyle You Deserve at

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We all have that one person in our life that can make us smile no matter what. Be sure to thank them today, and remember, you ARE that person for someone too!

The world needs your smile, get it back with by: Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon 541-382-6565

"Test Drive Your Smile Before Taking Home Your Smile Makeover!"

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Let your smile create a wake of contagious joy and laughter! Dr. Kelley & his team at by Distinctive Dentistry of Bend Oregon even let you #TestDriveYourSmile!

"Attract The Lifestyle You Deserve!"

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Let your smile create a wake of contagious joy and laughter! Dr. Kelley and his team at Distinctive Dentistry are dedicated to your individualized treatment so you can be confident in the results of your smile makeover! Test drive your smile before you take it home! Attract the lifestyle you deserve! A smile can change the world...

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