Can you imagine quitting your job, cashing in everything you own based on one experience?

1 Million visitors will view the Eclipse in Central Oregon on Aug. 21st, and that number doesn’t include the locals who will be watching as well. 1% of those 1 million+ who view the eclipse on its path of totality will be immediately transformed into “Eclipse Addicts”. 1% doesn’t seem like much, but 1% of 1 Million people means at least 10,000 spectators have no idea that they will soon be joining the ranks of the self proclaimed “Eclipse Chasers”.

From all walks of life, these “Umbraphiles” are an ever growing community of shadow lovers who undergo such an intense reaction to the beautiful reality of an eclipse that it quickly & drastically changes their life. Many leave behind careers, homes, & worldly possessions, coming together from varying cultures, countries, classes, religions, etc. They all share one unified goal: To view as many sensational Eclipse events as possible.

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Would you be surprised to know that Worldwide, there is a Total Solar Eclipse event roughly once every 16 months? The majority of people only see one if it happens to chance by close enough to travel to easily. If you are one of the few who get the Eclipse itch, you’ll be going the distance every time, regardless of how or where.


There seems to be an inexplicable force driving this momentum. When asked to explain their reasoning, every Chaser answers the same: “You just have to experience it yourself to understand... There are no words…” Will you be the next to join them?


Imagine: Traveling from country to country, experiencing new cultures and landscapes, all with the vision of plasma auras dancing in your thoughts, planning and waiting for the next precious moments of an experience that has you hooked!



  • ECLIPSE RECORD HOLDER: With an incredible 27 Eclipses & 2 ½ hours logged in the shadow of totality, Donald Liebenberg, a Clemson University scientist from South Carolina holds the record for witnessing more Eclipses than anyone in the world! In 1973 he literally chased the shadow using a supersonic jet! Capable of around 1,000 mph, he was able to log 74 minutes of totality time! Can you imagine?!


  • BIRD BRAIN OVERHAUL: Of all the animals that are affected in one way or another by the eclipse, birds really do have it the worst. The sun suddenly disappearing throws a giant wrench in their activities and noticeably silences all birdsong. Chickens will go back to roost, owls will wake up with a “hoot”, starling flocks will panic in confusion seeking shelter, roosters will even crow with the re-appearance of the sun after totality… So let's take pity on our feathered friends and watch for confused erratic behavior that could put them in danger on the roads and elsewhere.


  • SELFIES FOR SCIENCE: Aug. 21st will be the first Total Solar Eclipse over the United States since BEFORE the dawn of Cell Phones!!!  What!?!?!?  In our social media, share everything culture, this is a huge opportunity to see and learn from different experiences of the event across our country. More importantly, it is an opportunity to help the scientific community to study & understand the effects of the Eclipse on animals! Research has been dedicated but limited on this topic, so if everyone out there gathers clips of their pet or local wildlife, imagine the data that could be gathered! It’s crazy to think about, but yes! Your videos or pictures could help answer questions scientists have been asking for decades! Put those Instagram skills to good use & take notice of your furry friends come the big day…


From the whole team at Distinctive Dentistry of Bend, Oregon, we wish everyone a safe, exciting, & fun time for the coming Eclipse! We are proud to be keeping your smiles healthy, clean, & beautiful here in Central Oregon! We will continue to provide the very best in dental technology, experience, & dedication. Your comfort and trust is always our main goal, from teeth cleanings, to whitening, to complete smile makeovers, we provide a gentle approach to our process and work with you through every step along the way. Thank you for allowing us to serve this incredible community! Remember to stay alert on the roads as all of the visitors to our corner of the world start coming through. We have a beautiful amazing hometown, let's all be sure to represent it as such!


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