Dental Services

Our passion is making Bend, Oregon smile!

We are Bend, Oregon dentists who love taking care of your smile. 

With dental care by Distinctive Dentistry of Bend, our patients leave with more than just an amazing smile in Bend. They also learn why Dr. Mingus is one of the leading dentists in Bend, Oregon. He combines experienced family and general services with cosmetic techniques to create your aesthetically natural self. As a dentist in Bend, Oregon, Distinctive Dentistry places an emphasis on overall health and balanced well-being. 

Our dental services include: Everyone at Distinctive Dentistry in Bend is dedicated to and cares about your well-being, from the moment you walk in to the moment you're provided with the best smile you can have. Our quality treatment options cover everything from dental fillings free of mercury to teeth whitening to braces for only $100 a month!  Everything is administered by our experienced and caring dentists and staff. 

Not only do we listen to your unique dental concerns, we respond to your individual needs with the best dental options available. Distinctive Dentistry feels that providing the best dental care is essential no matter what age you are. It's one of the many foundations for a happy and healthy life. Through our dental care in Bend, we hope to provide you with the latest and greatest resources to keep you in the know for that beautiful smile. If you would like to schedule a consultation for any one of our dental services in Bend, Oregon, feel free to contact us.
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