Family Dentistry

The guests at Distinctive Dentistry range from the very young pediatric guest to the geriatric guest. Our philosophy is the same whether you are two or 92. We believe that everybody, regardless of age, deserves the opportunity to have exceptional dentistry in Bend. 

Distinctive Dentistry is a family dentist in Bend, Oregon. We hope to be an asset to you and your family, a resource for dental knowledge and how to keep you and your family's teeth clean and healthy. 
The reality is that nothing we replace tooth structure with works as well as the natural tooth itself. When we do have to replace natural tooth structure we believe in doing it with materials that mimic that structure in every way. Distinctive Dentistry wants it to look like a tooth, feel like a tooth, wear like a tooth and last like a tooth. 

Dr. Mingus at Distinctive Dentistry would love to provide you with the most comfortable dental experience possible. See our complete list of dental services available to you in Bend, Oregon.


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