Mercury-Free Fillings

Tooth fillings in Bend, Oregon: Distinctive Dentistry. 

We never offer treatment options that we wouldn’t perform on ourselves or our families. Today's technology allows better options than amalgam.

We rarely need to place crowns when amalgams are dealt with before fracturing. By placing modern restorations, we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure.

We invite you to experience all the benefits of mercury-free fillings in Bend, Oregon.

Require minimal removal
Are worry-free
Provide excellent protection against future decay
Offer you a more attractive, natural smile

If you have older silver-mercury fillings, Distinctive Dentistry in Bend, Oregon can often replace them with natural-looking modern materials to prevent fractures. This improvement makes a big difference aesthetically, but more importantly, it can have a positive impact on your health.

Amalgam fillings and mercury is a hot topic. Amalgam not only contains mercury but also contains silver, tin, copper and zinc. The Oregon Health Department requires that all dental offices in Oregon have a mercury separation device to collect all mercury in our suction devices.

It seems the only place we can place amalgam is in the mouth, which is one reason why we haven’t placed amalgam fillings in over ten years. Besides the health concerns, amalgam requires an internal design in the tooth that is the leading cause of fractured teeth.

Most amalgams will eventually become a crown. We find that by leaving amalgams in place, one will usually end up needing more aggressive dentistry in the future. With mercury-free fillings, we give our patients better treatment, better protection, and better health in Bend, Oregon. 

Distinctive Dentistry would love to provide you with the most comfortable dental experience possible. See our complete list of dental services available to you in Bend, Oregon. 

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