Neuromuscular Orthodontics

Neuromuscular orthodontics in Bend, Oregon: Distinctive Dentistry. 

Neuromuscular orthodontics focuses on how the chewing system works together with regard to orthodontic planning. Looking beyond teeth, skeletal structures and the jaws, neuromuscular orthodontics includes the airway, joints and the muscles that operate the jaw.

When these all work in harmony, patients enjoy a comfortable bite and a straight smile. Straight teeth are just a small part of the overall goal. Primary (baby) teeth are not extracted to alleviate crowding. Rather, jaws are developed to accommodate the teeth. Permanent teeth are not extracted to alleviate crowding. Instead, space is made for the teeth. (Wisdom teeth are a separate, unrelated issue.)

Treatment to accommodate the teeth helps keep the airway from being compromised. 

Advanced Results with Early Treatment

Headgear is never used to push the upper teeth back - upper teeth are almost never too far forward relative to the rest of the face. It's the lower jaw that is too far back making the upper teeth appear to be too far forward!

Dental treatment for children in Bend, Oregon is done as early as possible to achieve the best result in the shortest amount of time. Parents are busy and kids don’t want or need to be in braces longer than necessary! Malocclusion (crooked teeth) and unfavorable facial development are caused by altered oral posture (the way the tongue, teeth, and lips are held at rest).

One of the causes of poor oral alignment is breathing through the mouth. To circumvent further orthodontic problems, we establish nasal breathing habits. This supports proper dental and facial development and stability of the orthodontic result.

It is critical for children to see a dentist before all the permanent teeth are in if we are to prevent problems. Adults who have had extractions for orthodontics can often have improved facial balance and an improved airway by orthodontically re-opening the spaces and replacing the extracted teeth. This often also helps reduce or eliminate headaches and/or TMJ symptoms. 

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