Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Bend, Oregon: Distinctive Dentistry. 

At Distinctive Dentistry, we offer the latest techniques available for whitening your teeth in Bend, Oregon. 

For patients who live a busy life and need results immediately, we use the Zoom! bleaching system. Zoom! gives on average four to seven shades of improvement in one appointment. As well as getting immediate results, you also get everything needed to maintain your results. Zoom! can be a great option for those that suffer from sensitivity to cold while bleaching because Zoom! creates little sensitivity issues when whitening your teeth in Bend, Oregon. 

For those that don't have sensitivity issues and wish to bleach over time, we offer more traditional techniques. Our take-home custom tray systems provide outstanding results and only require one hour daily for a few days. Ask about our "Free Bleaching for Life" program. It’s our way of making a commitment to our guests in Bend. 

We would love to provide you with the most comfortable dental experience possible in Bend, Oregon. See our complete list of dental services available to you in Bend, Oregon.

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