The Distinctive Difference


Our exceptional team is delighted to provide quality, comfortable dental care in Bend, Oregon. Imagine a relaxed painless dental experience. We utilize the latest innovative technology and treatment options in order to present our clients with a relaxed, hassle-free, painless dental experience. Plus smiles to last a lifetime, with preventative care technology advantages. 

Modern Dental Technology Including:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Soft tissue laser for quick & easy procedures, such as gum contouring.
  • K7: A computerized jaw analysis for TMJ treatment & neuromuscular dentistry.
  • Miomonitor or TENS unit: provides relaxation to the muscles in the jaw & face.
  • Diagnodent: Gives us the ability to detect & address microscopic areas of decay before they become problematic.
  • Electronic Hand Pieces: Faster, gentler, and less noisy than standard dental tools.
  • Cavitron: Contributes to the prevention of periodontal disease with a more comfortable thorough cleaning. 

Are you overdue for a dental exam? Put your procrastination to rest and trust that we provide all the modern comforts of home. Dr. Kelly and his dental team are devoted to ensuring that you can relax & enjoy the process of improving your overall health with us.

We strive to be known as the most comfortable dental office in Central Oregon. We continuously work to expand our knowledge and innovation within the dental community and aspire to be viewed as experts in our field with the plethora of resources and information we make readily available to anyone in need. See our complete list of dental services in the heart of the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon. 

We offer all of our clients an array of creature comforts: 

  • Coffee, tea, juice, and water
  • Cozy blankets 
  • Local Bend publications
  • Featured artists every month 

And did we mention our very own beer lineup?!

All new clients (21+) are gifted their choice of one of our local brews:

  • Incisor IPA
  • Floss Like a Boss Porter
  • Attack the Plaque Stout
  • Open Wide ISR

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